About us

The non-profit organization, Notnim Tikva, was founded in 2004 and is the parent non-profit organization of Tel Hashomer Hospital.

The non-profit organization was founded with the objective to assist and support children diagnosed in the hospital at Edmond and Lily Sefrah in Tel Hashomer Hospital and their families.

The organization is a supplementary service provided along with professional medical services by hospital staff, doctors, nurses, etc., and therefore also gives hope for life ....

The organization works every day in all of the departments of the children's building and thanks to all of the various activities, it manages to touch each and every one of the children hospitalized for any reason such as cancer, chronic diseases, rehabilitation, trauma, eating disorders, etc. and those hospitalized in isolation.

The events and activities, conducted in the hospital and run by the "Notnim Tikva", provide a solution for all the children hospitalized in prolonged hospitalization, one-day hospitalization and for the patients in the kindergarten of the children's hospital (kindergarten of psychiatric and autism).

The organization is surrounded by good people, artists, stars and celebrities who stand alongside the association and take part in events and joyous activities for the children.

In 2014 " Notnim Tikva" organization celebrates its 10th anniversary of its fortunate actions for the diagnosed patients and their families, giving endless endeavor and hope for the most part.

Joy is our way of giving hope for life ...